BackYard Sapphire offers different Curbside Service Tiers.

Pick the one that will suit your household the best and send us a message.  If it seems you need more or less frequent pick-ups, we'll switch it.  

The bin that we provide holds about 24 wine bottles or 40 beer bottles.  

Membership Tiers & Pricing  


Residential Curbside Pickup Service

Sapphire Tier 1  
Weekly pick up

1 bin



Emerald Tier 2 
Bi-Monthly pick up

1 bin 


Diamond Tier 3  
Monthly Pick up

1 bin


$15/month for an off-route address

BusinessCurbside Pickup Service

Weekly Pick-Up


Bi-Monthly Pick-Up


Depending on the nature of your business, residential Tiers are available.  

We will assess the best plan for you, that meets your recycling needs.



bin fee:  $10

additional bin, to existing account: $10

One-Off Pickups

If you are not interested in a monthly subscription, we can come out and pick up your glass anyway.  Recycling fees will be determined by the volume of that particular pick-up.

Send us a message with a photo!

How to Join