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BackYard Sapphire offers an array of Curbside Services to meet every household and business's need.

You let us know if you would like Bi-monthly or Monthly pick-up or an as-needed pick-up.  We can help you assess how many bins you will need.  Note that we do recycle your soda and soup cans, prescription bottles, egg cartons, brown paper bags, and mesh sacs (onion, Bayou Rum, no crawfish sacs)

The bin we provide holds about 18 wine bottles or 30+/- beer bottles.  

Membership Options 



Monthly Pick-Up Sevice

Bi-Monthly Pick-up Sevice

On-demand or One-ff pick-up


Curbside Pick-up Service

Event Waste removal and hauling

We will cater to your business needs.  Contact us so we can assess the best fit for you.

Low Down

$15/per picked-up bin

$10 for each additional bin


One-Off Pickups

If you are not interested in a monthly subscription, we can come out and pick up your glass anyway.  The volume of that particular pick-up will determine recycling fees.

Please send us a message with a photo!

Tax will be added to all services and products.

How to Join in, on The Crush

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