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You put glass In your Where?!

BackYard Sapphire ™ crafts its glass mulch from contributed wine, spirits, and pickle jars, pulverizing and sieving them to achieve specific blends that prove most effective. These signature blends, a fusion of colors, lend an elegant touch to gardens. The process smooths edges for safe handling.


This eye-catching glass mulch is a striking addition to flower beds, rock or rain gardens, and stone pathways. While effective at suffocating weeds, it outperforms traditional wood mulch in preventing their growth. Ideal for low-water landscapes, it may not suit shallow-rooted plants or areas with excessive sun due to its heat retention.


Increasingly popular in warmer regions with challenging grass maintenance, glass, and stone cover options are emerging as beautiful choices. Versatile in use, it can adorn plant surroundings, enhance decorations, line rock beds, and outline sidewalks.


Utilizing glass mulch offers a distinctive experience. Unlike conventional mulch, its longevity eliminates frequent replacements, despite higher initial costs. This translates to significant long-term savings compared to annual mulch purchases.


Mulch plays a crucial role in soil health by regulating temperature and moisture. While glass mulch doesn't retain as much moisture as wood, reducing the potential for fungal growth, it's ideal for plants thriving in sandy or rocky soil. Adjusting its packing allows for adaptability to various environments and plants.


The vibrant colors of glass-laden landscaping offer an enjoyable walking experience, allowing easy infusion of color into any garden design.

What is Glass Mulch?

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