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Meet the Team


Security & Inspections
Millie is about 2 and a half years old.  She keeps the backyard secure and inspects everything upon arrival. She is originally from the waters of Church Point.  Rain took her from her family and brought her to us.  She enjoys making every corner of the yard a hunting ground and bed.  She enjoys acting like she is starving and sitting on the laps of people who hate cats.  



Moral Support & Looking Sad
Sebastian is about 12-14 years old. He often acts like a puppy, though it is clear he is losing his senses. He likes to look as though he is being held captive by hanging out with us in the yard. He came from the foothills of North Carolina.  After being returned twice to the shelters, he ended up as my roommate years ago. Because of his wonderful amber tones, our Sebastian Amber Blend is his name's sake mix. He enjoys pity, begging for food, and the occasional IPA.


Crushing & Scraping
Tina arrived in Louisiana over 10 years ago, got very distracted, travelled about the country, only to find her way back to Lafayette 3 years ago. Glass crushing has finally come to life after meditating on it for several years. She enjoys forging metal and birdwatching when she is not doing glass things.  

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Organizing & Computer Things
Dawn is from the Acadiana region and is anti-tomato in gumbo.  She has lived in several areas of Louisiana and made her way back to Lafayette to corale all of the previously mentioned suspects and started the movement. She likes to travel and spend time with her children and their children. She enjoys napping and drinking wine with easy to peel labels.

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