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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BackYard Sapphire? 

Tina, Dawn, Millie, Sebastian - and all of you! 

What is BackYard Sapphire? 

Backyard Sapphire is a women-owned small business. We are a community-driven LLC.  Our goal is to recycle as much glass as we can and raise awareness about use and reuse. We recycle glass waste from our community and turn it into sustainable products available for purchase.

What recycling items do you accept?

We take glass food and beverage containers used in your kitchen.  These glasses are safe to crush and put back into gardens.  We ask that you rinse them thoroughly. If you want to go above and beyond, remove the labels! We don’t mind if you don’t though. Please up-cycle a box, if you do not have or want a bin. But Please: No Plastic Bags

Do you recycle anything besides glass?

We are happy to say that we recycle soup & and bean cans, soda & beer cans.

We will take prescription bottles, egg cartons, 5-gallon buckets, and cracked terracotta pots and mesh bags from onions, Bayou Rum, please no crawfish sacs.

Do I need to remove labels or caps?

You do not need to remove the labels.  We don't discourage it because the cleaner the bottles are going in is less sifting when they come out.

Removing the caps and lids is helpful, as they do not go into the machine and have to be removed.  We do take corks and metal lids but the plastic ones are discarded.  We will recycle your old Christmas lights and Mardi Gras beads too!

What do you not accept?

The most common items we receive that are not recyclable with us are Unrinsed food jars, baking dishes, microwave plates, mirrors and candle holders.  The religious candle holders and candles made from wine bottles are the only candle holders that we can accept. Please remove the wax before recycling.  Lightbulbs, window panes, mirrors, and leaded glass are not recyclable. No broken glass.

Where can I drop off glass recycling?

We have 1 drop-off site at:  The Fightingville Farmer's Market, 315 W Simcoe, Lafayette, ONLY during market hours on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.  Operating change with the seasons, see our services for market details.

How do you recycle glass?

We pick it up, crush it either with the annihilator or the glass to sand machine, sift it, sort it, and make sustainable products.  Check out our products page.

Is Glass Mulch sharp? 

Surprisingly not! We can run our hands through it without incident.  We wear gloves to minimize problems and always suggest wearing gloves when doing any type of gardening.  Chickens, dogs, children and cats walk across glass-mulched gardens. 

Why would I pay for recycling?

I already pay the town to recycle.  You pay for a bin.  The recyclables that are recycled at the curb have a discouragingly low probability of actually being recycled.  And besides, our parish and surrounding parishes do not recycle glass.    

The BackYard Sapphire community have taken on the responsibility of recycling glass. We collect glass, crush it up into different sizes for different uses,  and participate in outreach to get more citizens to collaborate in this community project.  We charge for recycling so that we can continue to do it. There is a lot of work and supplies involved. We don't have any funding other than the revenue from the recycling and retail services. We do our best to keep expenses low, which in turn keeps recycling costs low for our clients. 

Where can I purchase your Glass Mulch??

You can find our products in several businesses around Lafayette.  Fightingville Fresh Farmers Market.  

Koi, in the Oil Center, is a wonderful gift shop with all sorts of things.  

Native Sun Nursery in Broussard.  IMO, they are Lafayette's finest gardening and landscaping establishment.

Pack and Paddle, is a homegrown outfitters store that has been a staple in the outdoor community for decades in Lafayette.  

Coffeeweed Cottage is a beautiful café and gift shop that carries elegant gifts, books, and anything for the beloved plant person in your life!

You can also find our products here, in our online shop.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out via email and ask.  We will deliver or meet up with you if that is more convenient for you!

What could I do with crushed glass?

It is a beautiful addition to any garden, potted plant, vase, or fish tank. It can be used as bedding for pavers and walkways or art projects. Crushed glass can serve as a substitute for pea gravel, beach glass, and sand. These products are eco-friendly and made from recycling right here in our community. Check out our gallery for how we and our other customers use it! 

Do you do event waste removal and hauling? 

Yes, we do.  Any event that will generate glass and tin waste can be managed and recycled through us.  We can bring bins to your event and substantially cut down on the amount of trash the event will generate.

Where can I use your Glass Mulch in my landscaping?

Our Glass Mulch is similar to pea gravel, it compacts nicely and allows water to drain through.  When bagged, it can be used as flood control. The Mulch itself will not be washed away in the torrential rain that we get.  You can line walkways, use the sand for bedding pavers on walkways, and accent that concrete alligator you have in your front lawn, sky is the limit!

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