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We have been changing the face of Recycling in  Lafayette Louisiana since 2020.  The community that we have created has diverted more than 80 tons of glass waste since we started.  Just 2 women with an idea and a half a plan to take care of a problem, we found our people that felt the same way and have been crushing it ever since.
With all of the said crushing, we have created a whole line of beautiful useful sustainable products.  Check them out in our gallery and maybe you can utilize them in your life as well!  We are always looking for more things to recycle, reuse and divert from landfills.  Let us know what we can do for you!

Where the Glass is Always Greener,
'Cept When it's

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Upcoming Events

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November 11, 2023- Ascend Wellness Fall Fest
November 16, 2023- Trash to Crafts, St. Pierre's Center for the Arts
November 19, 2023- Youth archery league, collaboration with Natures Journey clean-up in Fightingville!
January 11, 2024- Speaking Event, details tbd.

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